Friday, May 10, 2013

Child Training Bible

The Child Training Bible

One aspect of child-rearing all parents face is discipline.  It is our responsibility as parents to provide sound instruction and help the little ones learn right from wrong.  It can be difficult to provide calm, consistent and biblical instruction for a variety of reasons.  The biggest obstacle I faced was just knowing where to turn in the midst of the storm.  I had the best of intentions, promising myself that I wouldn't lose my temper (again)....but too often my attempts at correction ended with frustration, a bitter child and an angry mama.  I knew I should be pointing my child away from sin and toward God, but in the heat of the moment I would lose focus and just start dishing out commands:  

Go to your room!   Say you're sorry!  Put that down!  Tell me the truth!  etc.   

There is a place for this, but if you're simply handing out commands without any instruction, you'll only (maybe) change surface behavior and never change the heart.

Enter the Child Training Bible.  This is a resource that I L.O.V.E.!   A ready go-to for parents to quickly identify the problem behavior AND what God has to say about it.  If you're struggling with discipline or just looking for an extra way to instill God's word in the hearts of your children (and yourself!) I really suggest you add this to your home.

I'm not an affiliate and I'm not being paid for this recommendation.  I just really love it!  Watch some video from the creators then click here to order your own copy.

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