Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Notebooking Pages Freebie

Notebookingpages.com is offering a great freebie right now.  I've already mentioned how much I love their products, but let me just tell you one more time:  I LOVE their products!

Just take a peek at what you could receive as a FREE member...yes, these are ALL free: 

These pages can be used for homeschooling, for reports if your child is attending public or private school & even just for personal or family Bible study.  

The latest freebie has a patriotic theme, perfect for the 4th of July - which we all know is just around the corner.  Take a peek by clicking below, I'm sure you'll be impressed by the great quality of these materials:

Take some time to look around at all the great products available to you and your family.  I definitely feel that the Lifetime Membership was the best $ we've EVER spent on our homeschool materials. 

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